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This One-Click Phone Transfer is designed for those who want to upgrade phones, switch to new phone, change carrier, data backup&restore, data wipe, it allows you to transfer everything between ios, Android, blackberry and Nokia, safe and fast!

iTunes Backup Extractor

Phone to Phone Transfer

It can transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music and apps between iPhone, Android, Nokia.

iCloud Backup Extractor

Backup and Restore

Directly backup phone data to the PC and restore to any other supported phone whenever you want.

iPhone Data Recovery

Backup Data to PC

Transfer all data from phone to PC for backup, guarantee the data safety. And easily restore it to a new phone.

iPhone Backup Extractor

iTunes to Android

Transfer data from iTunes to any supported mobile phones. It can extract data from iTunes backup and move them to other phone.

iCloud Backup Extractor

iCloud to Android

It’s able to restore data (SMS, Contacts, photos) from iCloud backup and transfer them to any other supported phones.

Erase Data on Old Phone

To keep your personal data out of the wrong hands, it can help erase data from your phone permanently.

One- Click, Fast and Secure, 100% Same as Your Original Data

Switching smartphone from one platform to another would be a big headache without the help of any tool, Today, No more worries about the data transfer between different phones, Phone Transfer will be your best assistant which can help you transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, songs, call logs and more, safe and fast! Make your transfered data 100% same as your original data.

fast and safely move content from phone to phone
Support Items Contacts Messages Video Photos Audio Call logs Apps Calendar
Android to Android
iOS to Android

iCloud to AndroidNew icon
iCloud to iOSNew icon

Nokia to Android

Android, iOS to iOS

Android, iOS to Nokia

Nokia to iOS

Nokia to Nokia

Completely Erase Data from Your Old Phone

You may do some simple deletion processing on your private data before selling, recycling your old Android phone or iPhone? You might not know simple deletion or factory reset is not far enough to guarantee the data safety. There are many professional recovery tools on the web can get them back. Don’t worry. The new feature ‘Data Erasing’ was built in the program that can completely erase all existing data and all deleted data from your devices without restore.

  • Erase Existing Data:  Completely erase all data from your iDevice or Android.
  • Erase Deleted Data: Critically analyze and found all ‘already deleted data’ in the internal memory and completely erase them from your device.

    Completely Erase Data from Your Old Phone







    Transfer Data between iOS, Android and Nokia




    Transfer Data between iOS, Android and Nokia

    Whether you're upgrading phones, or switching a new phone, the first thing that may make you feel desperate and frustrated is how to copy hundreds of contacts, messages or photos from old phone to your new phone. This software makes it extremely easy to copy everything between different phones in Lossless Quality. The latest version supports up to 16 file types including messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, apps, call history,etc.

    Directly transfer data between multiple kinds of phones and different OS, like iOS, Android, Nokia, and BlackBerry. Directly transfers data between two phones on various networks. Vodafone, NTT docomo,T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon

















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    • export Android SMS
    • android manager software
    • import and export contacts to PC
    • import and export contacts to PC
    • import and export contacts to PC
    • import and export contacts to PC

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    Tom Gackell

    Thanks for the app. Never knew something like this existed. This app worked PERFECT!!! It helps me transfer a larger number of files from my old Samsung S3 to new iPhone 6, no data loss, all the transferred contacts, messages can be moved to the corresponding directory of the new phone. I was very impressed on how easy and fast the app worked.